10 Beauty Products for Under $10

With back to school right around the corner, new makeup is a must! I love a good bargain. Paying full price for anything gives me a “bleh” feeling. So if I can find products I absolutely love for a deal, I jump on them! The products I chose for this list I have personally used, and are using! What are some of your favorite beauty buys!?


  1. Cover Girl Healthy Elixir. This foundation is one of my favorites. It gives a natural look, but its long lasting.
  2. Mario Bedescu Facial Spray. I love this stuff. It is a great way to freshen the skin mid day or use as a toner after you cleanse your skin.
  3. Essence Lash Princess Mascara. I think I have told everyone I know about how awesome this mascara is… and it’s only $4.99!
  4. Biore’ Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub. This is a great cleansing scrub that is not over drying, but will help clear up any acne.
  5. Real Techniques Sponge. Bye Bye brushes, sponges have taken over! I get a perfect foundation application overtime with this guy.
  6. Revolution Baked highlighter. This highlight is amazing. Its only $6.00 and it works better than my $30 highlighters!
  7. LA Girl Concealer. This is a full coverage long lasting concealer. Perfect for under eyes, and contouring.
  8. NYX Butter Gloss. I love these lip glosses. You can put them over any matte lipstick or wear them alone. They are non sticky, and hydrating.
  9. NYX Micro Brow Pencil. I get perfect brows everytime with this pencil. It applies just as well as the Brow Wiz, but a fraction of the cost.
  10. Tony Moly Sheet Mask. Sheet mask are a new part of my weekly routine, and I love these! They work awesome for all skin issues and types, and the super cute packaging is a bonus!

Finding Your Perfect Foundation


There are so many makeup brands, and everyone of them claim you will love their foundation. Being a makeup artist I feel like I have tried them all. When I am helping someone find the best foundation there are four questions I ask them.

  1. What skin type do you have? Dry? Oily? Combination?
  2. What kind of coverage are you looking for? light? medium? Full?
  3. What finish do you prefer? Matte? Dewy?
  4. What do you use to apply your foundation?


These questions help me find the perfect match for my clients skin type. Next time you go shopping for a foundation, ask yourself these questions.

If you buy a foundation and after a week you are not getting the results you want. try this before you buy another foundation.  If you skin is dry but you want a full coverage foundation, you are going to need to up your skincare game. Full coverage can by drying, so you need to prep and hydrate your skin with moisturizer and maybe a primer. If you are oily you are going to most likely need to set with a powder or use a matte-fying primer.

Here are some of my favorite foundations.

Full coverage Foundations. Best for oil control



Medium- build able Foundations. Best for dry skin


You can always add concealer and a powder to achieve your desired coverage or finish.

I hope this helps your with our makeup shopping!

Travel Tips for the Best Getaway

Myrtle Beach
Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory aka Heaven!
Savannah Georgia
Northern California and Redwoods with our niece Haddy Paddy 

Being in a new location every couple of weeks or every few months has made me pretty savvy ” Experience Finder.”  Every town no matter how little has had fun things to do and experiences to be had. Even Price Utah.

There are different ways I go about travel/tourist deals, and I going to share my secrets with you! So the next time you are countries, states or a few hours away for a break from your every day routine, think of these tips. They can save you money, and bring to light things in the area you didn’t know existed.

Favorite Sites

  • Pinterest. I love a good visual from other peoples point of view. Getting feed back about their experience rather than reading a travel brochure gives me better insight.
  • Groupon. I know this site is super popular, and I have had great luck with it. This site is great for deals, and gives you more ideas of things to do in the area. For intense, we were in Virginia and wanted something to do on the weekend. Beer Festival tickets popped up. Perfect! We like beer, we like food, and tickets were %50 off!
  • Trip Advisor. One of my favorites. I have booked many hotels from here. I like how people can take their own pictures of the rooms and grounds of the hotel. Have you ever booked a hotel because it looks sooo pretty online, and then you get there and the pictures haven’t been updated in 20+ years? I have, and its a bummer!

My Travel Tips

  • Travel in the Off Season. Sometimes you can’t get around traveling in the peak of the season, but if you can its the best. We went to Virginia beach with our dog Max. Dogs are allowed on the beach anytime before May 29th. After the 29th, they are allowed before 6am and after 7pm. Good thing we went May 15th! Max was one happy pup playing in the sun! No lines is always a bonus too!
  • Ask the locals.  If you are going to be in a spot for a while, stop by a local cafe and ask what is the best thing todo while you are there? I bet they will have different answers than the internet. I have found my favorite food places, bars, hikes and shopping doing this.
  • Do something new. It has always been a wonder to me why people do the same vacation year after year. I have grown the most trying new and going somewhere new. Its good for the soul. Close your eyes and pick a spot on the map!
  • Do what the locals do. When in Rome Right!? For real though, when you are in Denver CO catch a Broncos game, or a Giants game in San Fransisco. If you are not a Journey fan, San Fransisco will make you one!
  • If you will regret it later, make sure to do it. We landed in Washington DC when everyone was in DC. That’s how it felt anyway. So many lines, and the heat and sweat, and more people. I have always wanted to go to all the museums though, and thats what we were going to do. I had to see the Constitution. We waited in line, it wasn’t that cool, but if  I didn’t do it I would regret it. So I am super happy we got to see the not so cool Constitution.

My Creative Playlist

  • Top of the Charts

I have like a million more songs I listen too, but this is my Creative Playlist. I know some of the songs on this list are not the most current… but I just can’t get into a lot of the music on the radio. There is something about everyone of these songs that just make me happy and inspired…. even if they are about heavy stuff. Do you create different PlayList for different moods? My playlist are never categorized by genre as you can see. It’s all about the feel for me.

Why I Ride A Motorcycle



Have you ever found something that gives ultimate freedom? Something that makes you feel like there isn’t a worry in the world? Something that makes you feel strong and confident? Some people find that feeling at the gym, on a vacation, or confronting an overdue issue. I get these feelings riding my motorcycle.

The first time I ever rode a bike I was 12 and my friend Lindy taught me. Lindy was that girl that didn’t fear anything, no one or thing scared her. Her family was really into dirt bikes, and went riding every weekend.  When our parents were at work during summer break, we would sneak her Honda CR125 out and mob around the neighborhood. I still remember the smell of the exhaust and hanging onto her as she would pop the clutch to wheelie. She loved to get a reaction, and she knew that scared me shitless.

Riding now, gives me that same feeling of freedom. That sense of  ” You can’t tame me.” Riding on the back was an adventure, but I didn’t get the true feeling of freedom until I started riding my own bike. I like being in control, I like the way my stomach drops when I shift and pull down on the throttle.  I love riding with and seeing other lady riders. Getting that grin and head nod from other women riders is like a secret handshake. A handshake to a club where we go and crash the boys party.

Every time I get on my bike I  think of Lindy and hear her mischievous laugh. Lindy was taken to soon, the good always are.

Current Favorite Hair Products

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Hey everyone! We are a week away from getting ready to leave Chico. I am excited to get to the next spot. With the excitement comes all the preparations and getting things organized so the day we leave, isn’t complete madness. I have been in a major hair funk lately. My hair is in the ” in-between” phase and it has been driving me nuts. Long enough its on my neck all day, and to short to put up with out it falling out. ha. Oh, such horrible issues right!? Well I found some awesome products that are helping me get through this phase! I have always loved Moroccan Oil. I have colored my hair so many times and on top of that I have thick dry hair. Moroccan Oil is my ride or die. On top of that I have also been loving Mistress, by IGK. I put it on my damp hair before bed, and I wake up with soft manageable hair. Not Everyone needs a leave in conditioner, but I can’t go with out one. I love Alterna’s Moisture Milk. Helps with hydrating and repairing my over processed hair! I hope this helps anyone in a hair rut, or just looking for some great products to switch up your routine!

                                            mistress alterna           moro

Bathroom Update


Living in a camper can have a little bit of a generic feel. Everything is so monochromatic and brown…so much brown. I could think of a million renovations I want todo, but I am trying my hardest to stay practical. I have a habit of thinking big, getting involved and then being over my head half way through a project. Good thing I have my semi pessimistic husband to give me a reality check with the project list. 🙂

We have wallpaper on all our walls. Yup, and it’s brown. Every camper renovation blog I read said to paint over the paper, rather than remove it. So thats what we did! Since we are newbies we decided to start in the bathroom incase it didn’t take. 4 coats later with a heavy duty paint/primer mix, it came out great! It’s crazy how adding some white paint and a few pictures really make the space feel brighter, bigger and ours! I can’t wait to have a weekend to get going on the bedroom!

I got my pictures at TJMAXX, and my plants from TraderJoes.