Sparks Lake, Bend Oregon




This is our day out at Sparks Lake. It’s about 25miles from Bend, and its magical. We have been in Bend for a little longer than a month, and I love it here. It has been a huge but welcome change after living in Virginia for a year. Don’t get me wrong, Virginia was great, and I met some awesome people, but the West will always have a home feeling for me. This is Max’s first time traveling long distance and going West. We got him while we were in Virginia, but I think he is adapting just fine. He loves going on  trips in the car. He always thinks we are headed to the dog park, and starts grunting at me once we pass the amount of time it takes to get there. He was not disappointed exploring the lake and barking at the ripples in the water. The same ripples he was making .



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  1. travelscubacookhikecreaterepeat says:

    Love Bend 🙂 great breweries, great people, great mountains 🙂 I look forward to following you 🙂


    1. onthewayliving says:

      I love I here so far too! The beer and food have been amazing! Do you have a favorite spot you recommend? Thanks for the follow!


      1. travelscubacookhikecreaterepeat says:

        I love me some 10-Barrel 🙂

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