Breakfast Food Prep



Hey Everyone! I am the worst at breakfast. I always eat something…. it’s just not always the healthiest. You know, toaster waffles, english muffins and half a pot of coffee. The coffee will be staying, but I figured I need to put more of an effort into making a healthy breakfast.

I have seen this idea on Pinterest a few times, and I finally decided to give it a go! It only took me 30minutes, and now I have 6 mornings of a healthy breakfast! You can put whatever you want into your muffin tin. I had tomatoes, spinach and turkey. I also used whole eggs, instead of just egg whites. I am not for sure the calories in these, but I know its healthier than my waffle and syrup.

Prep Time. 10 min

Cook time. 20 min

Spray the oven tin with non stick spray and filled with the ingredients I wanted. There are so many different ways you can make these. Let me know what ingredients you decide to use!