Why I Yoga

I am at the beginning of my Yoga journey and I have already noticed a difference. I have gone to Yoga classes on and off through out the years, as a side benefit to my other workouts. This time I am making it a practice. Body, Mind and Spirit.

I felt like I was missing something. I was so irritable and hated the way I was feeling about my body. I used my MindBody App and found Yoga Center of Chico.

Yoga Center of Chico

After showing up to my first class and sat on my mat. The yoga instructor asked us to set an intention for our practice. I could feel my body get really warm, and tears started coming. What a trip right? I am not someone who likes to show emotion, especially in public.I didn’t realize how heavy my heart and mind felt.  I left that class feeling uplifted and happy. I always thought ” Setting an Intention” was wanting to be more fit, or flexible…. now I get it. When the mind and spirt are inline, the body will follow.


Starting a new studio and picking what style of yoga you want to practice can be a little intimidating. I found this really cool map on Pinterest from Visualistan.com they did an awesome job explaining the many types and benefits of each one.  I am challenging myself to practice 10 days of yoga in two weeks. Monday- Friday for two weeks. This will help me create a habit, that will turn into a practice. I will share with you my journey and I hope you join me!

My Yoga schedule for this week is

Mon- Vinyasa Flow.  Tues-Iyengar.

Wed-Vinyasa Flow. Thurs-Iyengar. Fri- Hatha Flow




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