Current Favorite Hair Products

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Hey everyone! We are a week away from getting ready to leave Chico. I am excited to get to the next spot. With the excitement comes all the preparations and getting things organized so the day we leave, isn’t complete madness. I have been in a major hair funk lately. My hair is in the ” in-between” phase and it has been driving me nuts. Long enough its on my neck all day, and to short to put up with out it falling out. ha. Oh, such horrible issues right!? Well I found some awesome products that are helping me get through this phase! I have always loved Moroccan Oil. I have colored my hair so many times and on top of that I have thick dry hair. Moroccan Oil is my ride or die. On top of that I have also been loving Mistress, by IGK. I put it on my damp hair before bed, and I wake up with soft manageable hair. Not Everyone needs a leave in conditioner, but I can’t go with out one. I love Alterna’s Moisture Milk. Helps with hydrating and repairing my over processed hair! I hope this helps anyone in a hair rut, or just looking for some great products to switch up your routine!

                                            mistress alterna           moro

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