Why I Ride A Motorcycle



Have you ever found something that gives ultimate freedom? Something that makes you feel like there isn’t a worry in the world? Something that makes you feel strong and confident? Some people find that feeling at the gym, on a vacation, or confronting an overdue issue. I get these feelings riding my motorcycle.

The first time I ever rode a bike I was 12 and my friend Lindy taught me. Lindy was that girl that didn’t fear anything, no one or thing scared her. Her family was really into dirt bikes, and went riding every weekend.  When our parents were at work during summer break, we would sneak her Honda CR125 out and mob around the neighborhood. I still remember the smell of the exhaust and hanging onto her as she would pop the clutch to wheelie. She loved to get a reaction, and she knew that scared me shitless.

Riding now, gives me that same feeling of freedom. That sense of  ” You can’t tame me.” Riding on the back was an adventure, but I didn’t get the true feeling of freedom until I started riding my own bike. I like being in control, I like the way my stomach drops when I shift and pull down on the throttle.  I love riding with and seeing other lady riders. Getting that grin and head nod from other women riders is like a secret handshake. A handshake to a club where we go and crash the boys party.

Every time I get on my bike I  think of Lindy and hear her mischievous laugh. Lindy was taken to soon, the good always are.

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