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I have like a million more songs I listen too, but this is my Creative Playlist. I know some of the songs on this list are not the most current… but I just can’t get into a lot of the music on the radio. There is something about everyone of these songs that just make me happy and inspired…. even if they are about heavy stuff. Do you create different PlayList for different moods? My playlist are never categorized by genre as you can see. It’s all about the feel for me.

Bathroom Update


Living in a camper can have a little bit of a generic feel. Everything is so monochromatic and brown…so much brown. I could think of a million renovations I want todo, but I am trying my hardest to stay practical. I have a habit of thinking big, getting involved and then being over my head half way through a project. Good thing I have my semi pessimistic husband to give me a reality check with the project list. 🙂

We have wallpaper on all our walls. Yup, and it’s brown. Every camper renovation blog I read said to paint over the paper, rather than remove it. So thats what we did! Since we are newbies we decided to start in the bathroom incase it didn’t take. 4 coats later with a heavy duty paint/primer mix, it came out great! It’s crazy how adding some white paint and a few pictures really make the space feel brighter, bigger and ours! I can’t wait to have a weekend to get going on the bedroom!

I got my pictures at TJMAXX, and my plants from TraderJoes.

Why I Yoga

I am at the beginning of my Yoga journey and I have already noticed a difference. I have gone to Yoga classes on and off through out the years, as a side benefit to my other workouts. This time I am making it a practice. Body, Mind and Spirit.

I felt like I was missing something. I was so irritable and hated the way I was feeling about my body. I used my MindBody App and found Yoga Center of Chico.

Yoga Center of Chico

After showing up to my first class and sat on my mat. The yoga instructor asked us to set an intention for our practice. I could feel my body get really warm, and tears started coming. What a trip right? I am not someone who likes to show emotion, especially in public.I didn’t realize how heavy my heart and mind felt.  I left that class feeling uplifted and happy. I always thought ” Setting an Intention” was wanting to be more fit, or flexible…. now I get it. When the mind and spirt are inline, the body will follow.


Starting a new studio and picking what style of yoga you want to practice can be a little intimidating. I found this really cool map on Pinterest from they did an awesome job explaining the many types and benefits of each one.  I am challenging myself to practice 10 days of yoga in two weeks. Monday- Friday for two weeks. This will help me create a habit, that will turn into a practice. I will share with you my journey and I hope you join me!

My Yoga schedule for this week is

Mon- Vinyasa Flow.  Tues-Iyengar.

Wed-Vinyasa Flow. Thurs-Iyengar. Fri- Hatha Flow




Greetings 2017

Peace out 2016.

We have had some good times, challenges, gains and losses. I am not leaving this year feeling balanced, if I am being honest. 2016 was the year of needing this and having to buy that. It didn’t leave us much money for fun and adventures as we would of liked. Don’t get me wrong I am always thankful for our health and what we have, I am just hoping 2017 doesn’t need a new car, or a new knee.

I have lost my balance, and I am kinda over it. Maybe that is the Libra in me, or maybe it’s because my body isn’t where I want it. There are  places I need to see, roads  I need to ride my motorcycle on, and new things I crave to experience. I can’t remember the last time I felt uncomfortable. That scared feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you might fail, die, or do some epic shit. I want to feel that powerful feeling of learning and growing. So that is what I will do. I know how to dream, but I also know how to get shit done.

2017 Goals

1. Maintain goal weight & No more weight fluctuations. I am not getting any younger and the gain 10lbs lose 10lbs habit has got to go! ( ew, how basic is weight goals for a new year.ha)

2. Keep up with emails and app/phone stuff. At this moment I have 6,100 emails I need to delete, and 33 apps to do that reload thing too.

3. TRAVEL!!! A new country for sure this year! Ireland & England. Also take more sporadic weekend trips.

4. Learn a second language.

5. More rowdy weekends. I want to ride my motorcycle on bike weeks and let my hair down.

6.Read two books a month.

7. Do epic shit. I am not for sure on what this is yet, but I do know I am going to try to get that gut dropping feeling more often this year.

8. Stop being a ” I will do that tomorrow person.”

9. Pay off three Bills

10. Build this blog to it’s full potential and keep it true to me.

” I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

-David Bowie

Winter Wonderland




Winter is Coming…. just joking, Winter is Here. Growing up in Idaho, snow is just part of life. Everyone here in Bend, said the snow will come, but melts with-in the week. Not this time! We got 23inches of snow in two days.

I was so stoked on the snow, until the pipes in our fifth wheel froze. Luckily we were only without water for a day. We upgraded to a camper in August with a extreme weather package…not so extreme I guess. We figured since we had a heated inclosed bottom that we didn’t need to skirt our trailer. We just bought a canvas skit. Full-time RV living is trial and error. You can only prepare for so much. We have gained so much reward with this lifestyle, it’s only natural to have a hiccup here and there.

Even though we have been a little stressed with what mother nature has brought our way the past week, Max has been loving it. He loves the snow! He has been extra sassy lately trying to stay outside as long as he can. The height of the snow is the same as him. That doesn’t stop him. He hops through the snow like a rabbit… its the funniest thing!

I will be taking pictures soon and doing a post on our RV setup and some of my favorite things. Are there any questions you have or ideas about RV Living?  I would love hear from you!

Until Next Time! BYE!

This Is Max




This is Max, our ” only child.” Yes, I know he is a dog, but he is spoiled like an only child. We don’t have kids, so instead of living at the park, we live at the dog park. Max is a Bulldog -Pug Mix, and he is so sassy. I love his personality. He is always down for a good time. Sometimes he likes to fetch, but really, keep-away is his game. These are some pictures of of him and his friends at the dog park in Virginia. Living life on the road, we find dog parks in every place we stay. Here are some of my Favorite dog apps!

Bring Fido This is an awesome app to see what hotels, rental houses, and restaurants allow you to bring your fur baby.
Dog Park Finder  Is a great app to find dog parks near you.