Travel Tips for the Best Getaway

Myrtle Beach
Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory aka Heaven!
Savannah Georgia
Northern California and Redwoods with our niece Haddy Paddy 

Being in a new location every couple of weeks or every few months has made me pretty savvy ” Experience Finder.”  Every town no matter how little has had fun things to do and experiences to be had. Even Price Utah.

There are different ways I go about travel/tourist deals, and I going to share my secrets with you! So the next time you are countries, states or a few hours away for a break from your every day routine, think of these tips. They can save you money, and bring to light things in the area you didn’t know existed.

Favorite Sites

  • Pinterest. I love a good visual from other peoples point of view. Getting feed back about their experience rather than reading a travel brochure gives me better insight.
  • Groupon. I know this site is super popular, and I have had great luck with it. This site is great for deals, and gives you more ideas of things to do in the area. For intense, we were in Virginia and wanted something to do on the weekend. Beer Festival tickets popped up. Perfect! We like beer, we like food, and tickets were %50 off!
  • Trip Advisor. One of my favorites. I have booked many hotels from here. I like how people can take their own pictures of the rooms and grounds of the hotel. Have you ever booked a hotel because it looks sooo pretty online, and then you get there and the pictures haven’t been updated in 20+ years? I have, and its a bummer!

My Travel Tips

  • Travel in the Off Season. Sometimes you can’t get around traveling in the peak of the season, but if you can its the best. We went to Virginia beach with our dog Max. Dogs are allowed on the beach anytime before May 29th. After the 29th, they are allowed before 6am and after 7pm. Good thing we went May 15th! Max was one happy pup playing in the sun! No lines is always a bonus too!
  • Ask the locals.  If you are going to be in a spot for a while, stop by a local cafe and ask what is the best thing todo while you are there? I bet they will have different answers than the internet. I have found my favorite food places, bars, hikes and shopping doing this.
  • Do something new. It has always been a wonder to me why people do the same vacation year after year. I have grown the most trying new and going somewhere new. Its good for the soul. Close your eyes and pick a spot on the map!
  • Do what the locals do. When in Rome Right!? For real though, when you are in Denver CO catch a Broncos game, or a Giants game in San Fransisco. If you are not a Journey fan, San Fransisco will make you one!
  • If you will regret it later, make sure to do it. We landed in Washington DC when everyone was in DC. That’s how it felt anyway. So many lines, and the heat and sweat, and more people. I have always wanted to go to all the museums though, and thats what we were going to do. I had to see the Constitution. We waited in line, it wasn’t that cool, but if  I didn’t do it I would regret it. So I am super happy we got to see the not so cool Constitution.

Why I Ride A Motorcycle



Have you ever found something that gives ultimate freedom? Something that makes you feel like there isn’t a worry in the world? Something that makes you feel strong and confident? Some people find that feeling at the gym, on a vacation, or confronting an overdue issue. I get these feelings riding my motorcycle.

The first time I ever rode a bike I was 12 and my friend Lindy taught me. Lindy was that girl that didn’t fear anything, no one or thing scared her. Her family was really into dirt bikes, and went riding every weekend.  When our parents were at work during summer break, we would sneak her Honda CR125 out and mob around the neighborhood. I still remember the smell of the exhaust and hanging onto her as she would pop the clutch to wheelie. She loved to get a reaction, and she knew that scared me shitless.

Riding now, gives me that same feeling of freedom. That sense of  ” You can’t tame me.” Riding on the back was an adventure, but I didn’t get the true feeling of freedom until I started riding my own bike. I like being in control, I like the way my stomach drops when I shift and pull down on the throttle.  I love riding with and seeing other lady riders. Getting that grin and head nod from other women riders is like a secret handshake. A handshake to a club where we go and crash the boys party.

Every time I get on my bike I  think of Lindy and hear her mischievous laugh. Lindy was taken to soon, the good always are.

Set your Budget… and Travel!

I just found out about the coolest thing ever. We all dream about travel, but finding money to have a get away can be a struggle. Kayak has this new budget feature that lets you set our budget,airport, month of travel, weather and activities you want. Then it shows  you all your options! I am so stoked about this… It has given a good idea what I can afford and what I need to save up for!


Put in your info






Sparks Lake, Bend Oregon




This is our day out at Sparks Lake. It’s about 25miles from Bend, and its magical. We have been in Bend for a little longer than a month, and I love it here. It has been a huge but welcome change after living in Virginia for a year. Don’t get me wrong, Virginia was great, and I met some awesome people, but the West will always have a home feeling for me. This is Max’s first time traveling long distance and going West. We got him while we were in Virginia, but I think he is adapting just fine. He loves going on  trips in the car. He always thinks we are headed to the dog park, and starts grunting at me once we pass the amount of time it takes to get there. He was not disappointed exploring the lake and barking at the ripples in the water. The same ripples he was making .



Devils Lake, Bend OR




The weather is getting cold here in Bend. Living in a fifth wheel, there will always be an uncertainty wintering in a trailer. Luckily, we upgraded our trailer from last year and now have heated water tanks. If you’ve lived in a trailer in the winter, you understand the greatness of heated tanks.
This Fall has been a long one. Mid November and finally seeing freezing temperatures. It’s bitter sweet for me. I love to ride my motorcycle in the summer, but I am not a sun and sand kind of girl. I love the way the cold air feels on my face, and drinking hot coffee is the best. Before the snow hits hard my dog Max and I have been doing some exploring.
Devils lake was beautiful. Only a 30 minute drive from the house, and well worth it. The water was a see-through turquoise and you could see the bottom all the way around the lake. Max loved it. He has become more and more confident the more we explore. He loves being off his leash. Somedays he is better at ” Max Come” than other days, but we are still working on it.
I would love to hear from you guys? What are some of your favorite things to do in the cold months? What are some of your cold weather essentials you can’t go with out?